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San Diego DUI Lawyer Michael J. Fremont handles San Diego DUI Defense Cases

I have represented persons accused of DUI for over 25 years. I've earned a national and statewide reputation for my knowledge and skills in drunk driving/DUI and DWI defense. I am highly respected by other DUI and Drunk Driving defense Attorneys, Judges and Prosecutors for my knowledge and experience in DUI defense. My firm is among the best DUI defense firms in all of Southern California. If you have court for DUI in San Diego, Vista, El Cajon, or Chula Vista, I'm available for a no cost consultation to you. Just call in.


• AVVO.com RATED "10" SUPERB, Client's Choice and 2013 Top Contributor Award.

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Don't Trust Your DUI to Just Any Lawyer

I have represented persons accused of DUIs for over 25 years, including other attorneys, athletes, teachers, nurses, doctors, mechanics, peace officers, and even a member of the clergy. I have earned a national and statewide reputation for my knowledge and skill in DUI/DWI defense and am highly respected by other defense attorneys, judges and prosecutors for my knowledge and experience. I'm considered to be among the best DUI defense attorneys in Southern California.

Clients appreciate the comprehensive and supportive legal representation they receive from me. I have successfully represented clients throughout San Diego in cases from first-time DUI/drunk driving offenses to repeat DUI offenders as well as felony DUI charges with injury cases.

You can afford an experienced DUI attorney

I offer reasonable fees, no hidden or extra charges, as well as military discounts and payment plans. Don't Hire Any Attorney Until You Read This!

Common DUI Attorney Myths

MYTH ONE: ANY ATTORNEY CAN DO DUI'S. Not true! Very few attorneys are actually competent to do DUI's. It takes years of experience to properly handle a DUI. I, Michael J. Fremont, have emphasized the practice of DUI law since 1990. In 1993 I was invited to be a speaker at an exclusive DUI seminar organized by the North San Diego County Bar Association. I was asked to speak because of my successful, in court record, and extensive knowledge of DUI issues. I was one of the only trial attorneys actually successful defending persons charged with DUI. Since that time I have been invited as a presenter at seminars throughout California. You need an experienced, qualified lawyer with a depth in this area of law, not just any attorney. I am a SPECIALIST MEMBER of the California DUI Lawyers Association.

MYTH TWO: LITTLE OR NO MONEY DOWN. This scheme ends up costing you more! The gimmick of little or no money down is that the rates are higher; you end up paying more. I offer reasonable rates and payment plans. The little or no money down is generally a scheme to have you sign a retainer with a higher fee. This is a take-off from the car salesman asking you what amount of payment you can afford a month and selling you a higher-priced vehicle since you can "afford it." You end up paying more. You can little afford to succumb to this sales pitch. I offer reasonable rates and reasonable payment plans if necessary. My fees are all inclusive with no hidden charges or additions. This is called a flat fee. You know how much it's going to cost you when you come into my office.

MYTH THREE: THE TEAM IS BETTER. Not true! As the old saying goes, too many chefs spoil the broth. This is also true in DUI defense. I have more DUI/DMV experience then entire teams of attorneys working for other firms. Many "firms" or "mills" advertise this team approach. Generally the "team" consists of less experienced attorneys who actually work on your case. The more experienced ones are not involved with you or your case and only have a casual acquaintance with the details of your file. This approach does not work to the benefit of the client, you! I offer personal, hands-on commitment to each case. It's my experience that you are seeking, not some junior member of a “firm”, but in actual experienced attorney to work with. I have more experience handling DUIs than anyone else in San Diego.

MYTH FOUR: THEY ADVERTISE ON TV, HE MUST BE GOOD. Have you ever bought anything from a TV infomercial and been fully satisfied? Who do you think ends up paying for all that expensive TV advertising? You do, of course, through higher fees. Do you think the head of the firm is going to handle your case? Of course not! The TV firm's idea is to make as much money off you as possible. The way this is done is to have high fees and cut costs through hiring less experienced attorneys. After all, real experience cost money.

MYTH FIVE: THE OTHER FIRM IS STATEWIDE. That means low-cost "contract attorneys" are used in each location. I handle all my cases because I am who you are paying for. The statewide firm is very similar to the TV firm. The advertised attorney with the reputation lures you in. You actually end up with a low-cost "contract" attorney to handle your case.

MYTH SIX: I CAN WAIT AND SEE. I DON'T NEED AN ATTORNEY RIGHT NOW. Not true! Actions need to be taken as soon as possible. The DMV is ready to suspend your license. The "I-can-wait" attitude is not to your benefit even though you may think it is. Immediate and proper action needs to be taken in order to contest your license suspension. Being arrested for a DUI is stressful enough without trying to go it alone. Once you hire an attorney, some of the uncertainty will be taken away, the stress relieved and your case can start being developed and evaluated for the best possible outcome.

By Michael J. Fremont

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